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Drain Camera and Camera Inspection

The main purpose of a sewer, pipe and drain camera inspection is to check the condition of a drainage system in order to determine the most probable cause of the problem and thus be able to make a very precise diagnosis thanks to our camera. This inspection also allows us to know if the drainage problem is partial or total. In many cases, we can save the customer from having to pay for unnecessary work. Camera inspection of your drain saves money!

Important: Regulations for the city of Montreal

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The usefulness of a camera inspection of your drain.

The camera inspection allows us to discover certain problems and anomalies that can cause a sewer backup, a slowdown in water evacuation or even the perforation of a pipe. We locate underground sewer pipes using a radio detection camera. This process allows us to provide information, such as the depth and length of a pipe, and also allows us to follow the trajectory of a pipe. Camera inspection is very useful! This device can also locate any metal pipe or pipe.

It is sometimes wiser to perform the camera inspection to find out what is hiding in your drains. Whether in the case of sale or purchase of a residence or in a potential case of hidden defect, the camera inspection is the one and only way to adequately check the condition of a drainage system.

Using all our sophisticated and specialized equipment, Drainage Québécois locates the ducts, drains and pipes of your home with a camera inspection. Our tools and pressure pumps allow us to remove any obstruction that is impeding the flow of your sanitary sewer. Do not hesitate, contact Drainage Québécois, your trusted partner. An evaluation by one of our professionals will determine what type of intervention is desirable.

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