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Unblocking pipes - Montreal - Drainage QuébécoisThe presence of a clogged drain or sewer can be a major source of stress for many Quebecers. Drainage Québécois offers you its unclogging service (unclog pipe) for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. Whether it is for a pipe, drain, sewer or any other type of clogged pipe, we will be able to unclog it within a reasonable time. Drainage Québécois stands at the top of the list for the diversity and quality of its equipment. Each vehicle is equipped with a location camera, a smoke test, plugs, as well as pressure equipment to unclog your pipe (unclog pipe).

Why choose Drainage Québécois for your unclogging?

Using pressure machines, fichoirs and other tools specially adapted for this type of work, our qualified specialists will be able to collect all that is clogging your pipes. In addition, during our visit, we can, if necessary, carry out a camera inspection in order to obtain a precise diagnosis of the problem inside your pipes, before undertaking to unclog your pipe, your drain or your sewers, for example. Thanks to this inspection, we can then determine the best solutions to consider, to unclog your pipe, sometimes allowing to avoid unnecessary work for the customer.

Important: Regulations for the city of Montreal

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Unclog your pipe (unclog pipe); tips and tricks:

Drain cleaners are very dangerous, as evidenced by the poison control center website. This is why it is better to do business with Drainage Québécois. If your sink is clogged and the problem isn’t the trap, it’s likely that the drain pipe is clogged (behind the wall). To reach this kind of clog, you need a snake — a tool specially designed to unclog your pipe. A hand ferret comes with a flexible steel cable that threads very well through the drainpipes. The end of the cable has a tip designed to pierce the clog or to grab the debris and extract it. With a little practice, you’ll be able to unclog your pipe in no time.

Drainage Québécois constantly invests in the training of its professionals, in order to provide you with high-calibre execution quality. The expertise of his team earns him the confidence of all in terms of unclogging (unclogging pipe).

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